rug and bean bags collection

knitted army

Knitted Army is a series of furnishings based on the reinterpretation of traditional techniques (arm-knitting and hand-crochet) and the reuse of discarded materials (off-cuts from textile factories). Every product is strictly related to the hands and ...


plus-minus lamp

swapping “recipes” for a school assignment with my brother-from-another-mother Benas Burdulis I came up with the following aim: To give people  more understanding about how an electric circuit works. Plusminus is a growing lamp which ...



Moi is the outcome of a long series of tryouts based on the MOI (moment of inertia). Two sticks can weight the same but different moments of inertia. By making one end of a wooden stick ...


im-permanent chairs

still an on going project with a lot that has to be developed. this project is the outcome of research and reflections on the idea of permanence and impermanence. How to make to objects, two ...

2 024


x,y,z is a series of tripods for outdoors that give the opportunity to be assisted in the appropriation of a public space. They can give reference, thay can be used as structures to sit, to ...

thread installation

thread installation

an installation meant to highlight the route that reflected light could have.



Shrink is a project assisted by my menthor alexandra gaca in Man and Living mod.3 How to make valuable a cheap fabric like unbleeched cotton?  How to use it in an interesting way? Those simple ...


analog.pot lamp

With this concept, which hasn’t been developed further than its first prototypes, I wanted to offer chances of colours combination acknowledgement. By being able to dim separately the three LEDs (Red Green and Blue) the user will ...

yellow light




Flipping upsidedown what shopping experience means. The bombardment of informations and wealth of products all in once is now taken away. Replaced by a calm atmosphere made out of strings and colors. The density of ...